Need a Virtual Tour Solution?

Matterport - https://matterport.com/
Matterport of the most popular options in the real estate space. You have the option to purchase only their software that’s compatible with the most common 360 cameras, like Ricoh, and Insta360. Their more expensive plans are compatible with their Matterport camera, which renders 3D images of spaces, instead of a 360 view.

My 360 - https://my360propertyvirtualtours.com/
My360 was developed specifically with property tours in mind, so it’s very user-friendly! If you’re new to 360 photography and video, this might be a good place to start. There’s an option to purchase a Ricoh 360 camera when you sign up, so if you’re looking for a one-stop-shop, this may be it!

Kuula - https://kuula.co/page/realestate
Kuula is another affordable subscription option for creating virtual tours. Their software is compatible with a large range of 360 degree cameras, as well as DSLR photos that have been stitched together into a panorama.

iStaging - https://www.istaging.com/en/livetour
This program turns your phone into a “VR Maker”. Using a 720 degree lens that you attach to your phone, you simply capture images, use their app to connect them, and viola!

EyeSpy 360 - https://www.eyespy360.com/en/
Like most virtual tour software, EyeSpy 360 requires a 360 degree camera. It looks like they have an option that includes the camera, tripod, and software that you’ll need, but their website isn’t super clear on pricing for that.

TourWizard - https://tourwizard.net/self-service-virtual-tour-platform/
This program allows you to use videos and photos in your virtual tours. If you don’t want to invest in a 360 degree camera, you can also create virtual tours using only static photos!